Saturday, November 22, 2008

I adore this site! It has the most fabulously beautiful dresses ever! They are kinda pricey but what beautiful quality dress isn't? This site is perfect to find a dress for any occasion.

Here are of the dresses that I love love love. All photos courtesy of

Ok, I don't think I'd actually wear this dress but it's very Carrie-esque from Sex in The pretty! This is $258 by Faviana

This is the perfect little black holiday has a beautiful red bow in the back. Simply stunning. This is $440 by Jovani

I love everything about this dress! The beading is so gorgeous! I love this color so much! It's $198 (still a lot but much better than $500) by Flip

I want this dress!! Makes me wanna be Miss USA or go to a ball or something. It's $310 by Teriani